What People are Saying about

Wendy's Live Events

Amanda, Social Media Strategist, was stuck in a project for 4 years. In just a few moments, like a laser,Wendy was able to get her unstuck!

Sarah S., Former Olympic Athlete, struggled for years and never felt 'good enough.' Since working with Wendy, she has increased her Sense of Self-Worth.

Linda, Functional Nutrition Practitioner, used to “spin her wheels” and be overwhelmed a lot. After the workshop her stress is gone and she has a New Path Forward in both her professional and personal life.

Debbie, Patent Attorney, flew from Israel to take Wendy’s Workshop. Prior to coming, she had blocks that kept her from having fun. Afterwards, she felt peaceful and calm, and ready to have a great time!

Tiffen C. experienced Breakthrough."Magic happened in my business and personal life..."

Working With Wendy, Carol Quadrupled Her Business."I'm back in control of my life..."

Shalini S. had traveled from Ireland to US and sawHuge Positive Personal & Professional Changes

Laura, Comedienne, got transformation at the Live Event. "Everything resolved itself..."

Jennifer R.- "Living in Inspiration"; More Joy and Ease for Her and Her 4 Year Old

Anna experienced Better Relationship with Her Family, Her Work as a Health Coach and Her Daughter

John was skeptical but stuck and desperate to change his life. After working with Wendy, he learned a lot about himself and how to connect with people.

Kristen L. received a New Perspective on LifeFeels Happier, More Fulfilled and More "Alive"